Transportation Registration Deadline Approaching

Register before Aug. 1 to ensure service on the first day of school. Registrations received after Aug. 1 may not be processed until after Sept. 18 and will experience delays of two to three weeks before they can ride the bus.

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Staff Directory

Administration/Front Office

Principal - Ms. Diana Logan

Assistant Principal - Mr. Jonathan Klinger

Admin Assistant II - Mrs. Kristen Bannerholt

Admin Assistant III - Mrs. Barbara Wills

Teaching Staff

Kindergarten (KBAM/PM) - Mrs. Kara Brownlee

Kindergarten (KKAM) - Mrs. Justine Knight

Grade 1 (1B) - Miss Ashley Burndred

Grade 1 (1M) - Mrs. Erin McFarland

Grade 1 (1GD) - Mrs. Bailey Gisler

Grade 1 (1GD) - Mrs. Jessica Danbrook

Grade 2 (2B) - Mrs. Jesselee Beauparlant

Grade 2 (2C) - Mrs. Jennifer Chen

Grade 2 (2F) - Ms. Terri Franks

Grade 3 (3L) - Mrs. Indi Laguerre

Grade 3 (3R) - Ms. Kari Rushinsky

Grade 3 (3C) - Miss Caitlin Campbell

Grade 4 (4B) - Mrs. Jan Bourns

Grade 4 (4L) - Mr. Blair Larson

Grade 4 (4V) - Ms. Laura Van Vliet

Grade 5 (5M) - Ms. Natalie Miller

Grade 5 (5P) - Miss Jillian Pahl

Grade 5 (5U) - Mr. Daniel Ulmer

Music - Mr. Christopher Kostyniuk


Learning Support Teacher - Ms. Heather Cronyn

Child Development Advisor - Mrs. Trena McKinnon

Learning Assistant - Mrs. Barb Drouin

Learning Assistant - Mrs. Lindsey Heisler

Learning Assistant - Mrs. Carolynn Martin

Learning Assistant - Mrs. Kim Mizera

Learning Assistant - Mrs. Vicky Renaud

Learning Assistant - Mrs. Shauna Simpson

Learning Assistant - Mrs. Leah Stevenson

Pre-K Program

Teacher - Mrs. Stacey Hinks

Assistant - Mrs. Christine Gehl

Assistant - Mrs. Krystal Castle

Learning Commons / Technology

School Technologist - Mr. Nikhil Gaur

Learning Commons Coordinator - Ms. Chelsea Wilkesheski

Facility Operations / Custodians

Head Building Operator - Mr. Wade Brown

Building Operator - Ms. Reyna Vargas

Night Caretaker - Mr. Charlie Arnott

Night Caretaker - Mr. Renato Ompad

Night Caretaker - Ms. Tris Chorkawy

Land Acknowledgment

Rocky View Schools would like to acknowledge the land and recognize all the Indigenous Peoples whose footprints have marked these lands from time immemorial. Together, we can learn and honour the Ways of Knowing of Indigenous Peoples for all future generations.